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Membership facts


Membership facts

Our members can be only the ELITE Leaders of companies - and even then only if they meet the high demands. No dilution of high quality! Quality, not quantity.

You will not find department store manager as a manager, no theorists, consultants or trainers but real "performer/doers" of business and industrial enterprises.

A network of ELITE that puts and gather the right people together, which allows the exchange on an equal footing.

Being a member of the international Manager League, is also an award as reputation to be a part of the best.

Many CEO, Chairman, Presidents and High Executive of well-known and reputable companies are already within our Manager League Network members .

Over the past few years The International Manager League had attracted members from prominent local and international business communities including government and different global organizations.

The International Manager League is probably the world's largest ELITE Business Network in this type, which only allows members who meet the high requirements.

Before 2015 were already more than 17,000 ELITE managers from different countries of the world in this network.
(United Arab Emirates | Belgium | China | England | France | Finland | Germany |Japan | Netherlands | Norway | Austria | Poland | Switzerland | Sweden | Spain | Czech Republic India | Brazil | Italy | Japan | Latvia | Lichtenstein Luxemburg | Portugal | South Africa | Russia | USA and other parts of the World.)

The International Manager League creates a nurturing environment of CEOs dedicated to improve the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth.

Through our members network we hold exclusive events in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and also other cities in the world to provide a platform for International businessmen to meet local business community and expand business network to other countries of the world.

Tough leadership is an increasingly vital driver of business success. It is also an emerging discipline in its own right. Our ability to understand its core practices, then to effectively apply them, is the keys to positioning us and our companies for next level growth. The International Manager League will provide a platform for share their vision with the belief that leadership development is rooted in personal development & organizational transformation.